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why i am weird about facebook at the moment. answer! i don’t know.

i’m taking a facebook break at the moment. by which i mean, i have a handy-dandy thing on my computer which blocks me out of it after spending ten minutes. ten minutes is enough to make sure nothing vital has … Continue reading

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on living and dying and if i am wasting my life drinking juice and watching Boston Legal

this is all a bit trite and sentimental: but how do you really make your life count? how do you use the precious little time we have in order to do something, anything at all? (for me, this is in … Continue reading

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Chemo-Pro-Tips (your milage may vary)

i’ve now had seven cycles of the dreaded cytotoxins. 15 weeks or so. i’m likely to have 12 cycles – which is 24 weeks (plus the one where i was neutropenic and couldn’t have chemo). it’s become a standard normalised … Continue reading

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Nausea. (not the Satre book)

warnings for this entry – brief poop talk and period talk at the end. i’ve been getting slightly more ill-feeling on treatment days with each treatment. it’s not a huge deal – it’s easily manageable with Maxalon (anti-nausea drug) and … Continue reading

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more boredom, more cancer

i’ve not posted in a bit. i’ve been busy, because something amazing has happened. thanks to big pharma, and the conspiracy out there to stop cancer patients getting better through the LIE of chemotherapy, i’m feeling healthier and more energetic … Continue reading

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