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Memorial service for Elizabeth

Elizabeth’s memorial service is organised for 7th of October at the National Library of Australia. Further details and RSVP are at this page: Thank you Alex

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Farewell Elizabeth

Elizabeth died the morning of the 12th of July, surrounded by friends and family. Which is what we have written on social media, and in newspapers, but I feel that this place deserves a less sanitised farewell. Elizabeth wrote uncensored … Continue reading

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that next step

there’s a point i want to make about this picture other than how beautiful the composition is: it is about a month old. and i don’t look a damn thing like it any more. the face, the posture – i’ve … Continue reading

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home stays and steps, and hospital funding

and i mean physical steps.  we have a lot of steps leading into our apartment, and no lift, and our day to day living space is upstairs, meaning more steps to get up to my bookshelves and large couch. i … Continue reading

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me and my ice chips

brief update: still in hospital. planning still in place for getting me home. had leg & foot massage which was tremendous. had people i love visit. i ate a huge lump of fruit cake and two cupcakes. my stoma is … Continue reading

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hospital. again. pain.

so i’ve been admitted and in hospital for another week now. i’ve been trying to stay sane. it’s not… overly easy.  the drug combination has not done great things to me – it’s not even my existing mental illness, but … Continue reading

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a week. hospitals. tiny needles. too many tiny needles.

i can’t even clearly remember when i last updated. though firstly welcome to new readers. there are a lot of you.  here are some basic things: i talk a lot about gross stuff, but try and warn for it. i … Continue reading

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