Publications & Other Writing

Here’s some stuff about me and other stuff I wrote.
I also tweet at @hrasvelgveritas
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I Wrote This.
(you should buy all these journals or read them. They are great).

The Geography of Time, Tincture, Issue 13, March 2016

Photos – Bodies that Matter – Images, Scum, 9 Feb, 2016

Medicating Masochism, Plaything magazine, Dec 2015

The Therapeutic Value of Touch, Palliverse, Dec 2015

Vile Bodies, The Lifted Brow, Issue 28, Dec 2015

How does it feel to be young and dying, Palliverse, Nov 2015

Everybody Has A StoryFrankie, Issue 68, Nov/Dec 2015

School Make Crazy: Reflections on a Fundamentalist Christian EducationKill Your Darlings, No 23, October, 2015

Our Bodies, Our LivesOverland, March 2015

Sharing my cancer with the world. Meanjin Quarterly, Vol. 74, no. 1, March 2015

A Love Letter to My Liver. Feminartsy, February 2015

Spinning our own fates: the appeal of lifestyle porn. Overland, February 2015

Student Experience Series: Elizabeth Caplice. SNAP Blog (Society of American Archivists), 2014

External Study: is it working like it should? Incite (ALIA), Vol. 32, no. 3, March 2011

Infinitely Near – Catalogue Essay for Alex Seton, sullivan+strumpf gallery, 2010

Censorship by Omission: closing off fiction in cataloguing. BSANZ Annual Conference, 2010

Picking or Throwing, The Lifted Brow, Vol.1, no. 1, January 2007

This Is About Me

Gorrey, Megan. Canberra cancer patient would rather embark on bucket list quest than be a ‘hero’.  The Canberra Times, August 1, 2015
(this is about how I want to go to Iceland because I have cancer, and also how I want to eat delicious food because I have cancer).

Bowden, Tracy. Cancer specialist warns of potentially fatal dangers of ‘miracle cure’ fad diets.  ABC News, May 31, 2015
(this is about how fad diets and miracle cures are bullshit, and how I think they are bullshit. soz guys who think they are good.  oncologists know more than you. i was also on The Television).

I also briefly wrote a blog where I reviewed super hero films but you probably don’t want to read that. Haven’t updated it in years. I was also interviewed for Frankie magazine years ago – i mean, i was 26 or so – but I didn’t write any of that. there’s a great picture of me though! better than the Incite one, which was taken at a train station in Sydney. also there’s some ok photos of me on a few of them? my tattoos look cool, anyway.

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  2. May I suggest a ‘follow by email’ button? Gets the punters in. (Gets me in!)

    • elizabeth says:

      just gotta work out how to do it!

      • Hi Elizabeth. From memory, if you go to the ‘appearance’ option in your dashboard, then click on ‘widgets’, there should be one to choose from that says ‘follow by email’. You can click and drag that onto your sidebar or wherever your main widget area is, and voila! (Hopefully you get a button… If all else fails, Google) 🙂

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