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memory onslaught. mortality.

at the moment, i’m at a point of processing my life in a broad, strange way.  i think it’s because i am feeling stupidly emotional as my skin breaks out, and my skin crawls, and i get these persistent headaches … Continue reading

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radiation and spoon theory and closure

i’ve never been the biggest fan of the spoon theory when it comes to something like chronic illness. as someone who’s been in the grips of chronic illness for a very long time, it never sat right. (spoon theory details … Continue reading

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cancer for hipsters

i often joke about #hipstercancer; partly because it’s funny, and partly because it’s true. it’s a broader thing thought – most of the dialogue and discussion about cancer seems to settle in a few areas: 1. people over 50 2. … Continue reading

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radiation is really really foul. and other stories

radiation is far more gross than i thought it would be. this is what i get from having a relatively pleasant trot of chemotherapy. i mean, in retrospect, the first 2 months were kinda foul, but mostly because of fevers, … Continue reading

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my oncologist is great. i am an idiot. writing is hard.

i saw my oncologist on wednesday. as always, i approach these appointments with terror, which makes me feel pretty bad, because i really like my oncologist. it’s a strange relationship you end up having with medical professionals; they know you … Continue reading

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news, liver surgery, surprise-bits of possible cancer, and being pissed off.

i’m going to need to take a bit of an ease off on twitter for a bit: partly because i am super behind on emails, and partly because i need to process the next bit of news. that, and i’m … Continue reading

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visualising cancer

Today’s rant is triggered by seeing yet another photo of what it is to Have Cancer. You see it all the time. mostly retweeted, or on facebook, or on instagram. the Brave Cancer Hero. the image of the Brave Cancer … Continue reading

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a year in review (this is only about books i read, sorry, not much cancer).

i’ve had two ER trips in the middle of the night since Christmas. neither anything to worry about – i turned out fine from both of them. but it’s left me sleep deprived – and sleep deprivation is my number … Continue reading

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