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i was diagnosed with stage IV rectal cancer in June 2014, with secondaries in my liver and lungs. i have been through exciting things including a veritable shit-tonne of chemotherapy, radiation, attempted liver resection, a permanent colostomy placed at my sigmoid colon, sclerotherapy, and SIRT spheres. i am currently on my fourth, and probably last line chemotherapy.

i am incurable? terminal? dying? these words are hard to define. these are vague places now that i go to, but there’s one place we end up.

i live in Canberra, Australia, and am treated at the amazing Canberra Regional Cancer Centre.

cancer: it’s pretty shit.  i also do freelance writing, which you can find under my publications tab.


content will include poop, surgery, anxiety, mental illness, weird body stuff like tumours, needles, blood and a lot of things a lot of people DON’T want to read about.  i will try and include a warning on the top of each entry to outline any stuff that may make people choose to look away!

All photos in this blog licensed under creative commons.  if you feel like using any of them, use away. can’t be bothered finding the proper CC symbol.

2 Responses to About

  1. P Marshall says:

    Dear Elizabeth ,
    Does your list include cooking with a big pile of black truffles ?
    If so please advise your address and they will be delivered tout suite .

    Marshall family
    (02) 48422677 office
    (02)48461070 home

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