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midsummer tiny-tomato dreams.

we had a nasty heatwave in canberra recently – 40 degree days. and the specialness of my balcony came into its own – the micro-climate and the lack of direct sun meant i had zero losses after the intense heat, … Continue reading

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optimistic chilli

    So, i started using my instagram account again recently, as a part of attempting to create more content rather than just observe, and i’m really enjoying it.  there’s something very intimate and yet casual about it – moments … Continue reading

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End of year obligatory post

i’m not really one for resolutions of Year Summing Up, but i feel as though it might be nice to do a brief one. i’ll also be doing the far more interesting post soon, on Year Of Books and Book … Continue reading

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Quiet times and fibre preparation

I’ve not posted in awhile – mostly because the plants are taking care of themselves quite nicely, with relatively few challenges other than keeping them watered. the microclimate on the balcony is interesting – very little of it is in … Continue reading

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growing seedlings, frequently devoured strawberries

i am suffering heavy losses on the strawberry front. something is eating them. well, someone. i am guessing a rather naughty currawong. BUT here are some cheery plant & spinning photos. low on text – i have another endless headache, … Continue reading

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Flowers and strawberries

tonight is a picture post.  my camera skills need work: the previous camera, lost in the apartment, had a way better/easier to use macro, so my photos are bog.  so practice. I ate that strawberry. it was amazing.  it was … Continue reading

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new camera! new plants! and… finally.. craft stuff

i finally got a new camera. how thrilling! optimistically this will reflect in a superior quality of photographs. or not.  i’m still working out how to use it, and accordingly the photos are pretty terrible. i had an epic day … Continue reading

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