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The Hairy End: or, the bad shit.

i’m sorry for all the people in my life i haven’t had a chance to already talk to this about in person, and this is sort of why i’ve been quieter on social media. but my treatment, and treatment aims … Continue reading

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overloaded and underwhelmed

    sometimes i have much higher expectations of what i should be doing, compared to what i actually can do. ¬†this is frustrating for me, and for people around me as they watch me struggle to manage basic tasks. … Continue reading

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well, i shit in a bag now.

i got out of hospital on saturday, with my new, exception accessory: a colostomy. ¬†essentially, the doctors went in with keyhole (thanks guys), yanked some bowel to the surface, did some cutting, and sewed the bowel to my skin, slightly … Continue reading

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