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kale, and space

i saved my kale photos and one really pretty marigold photo for today, so not to overload the last entry.  aren’t you all glad? i bet you are. we might be moving sometime soon – don’t know if for sure, … Continue reading

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teenage plants? bigger, anyhow

the seedlings are all still kicking, amazingly enough! my pak choi has only produced four seedings out of six seeds, which isn’t totally terrible – and likely to be my own fault the other two didn’t raise. they are adorable. … Continue reading

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photo entry – front balcony seedlings

just a quick photo entry: i’ve got a brutal migraine that’s only just starting to fade back. sadly, it was a wee bit too dark when i too the photos for them to be excellent. hopefully will get better photos … Continue reading

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seedlings sprung!

we’re still in early days, and it could all go pear-shaped… but we have seedlings! i am stunningly pleased with myself.  i know better than to trust the first week or two of seedlings – they are still so small … Continue reading

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goodbye eggplant. hello nasturtiums!

i pulled up the eggplant today, after talking to my endlessly wise and beautiful, and generally awesome friend Elise, who’s a horticulturalist in Adelaide, who suggested i just cut my losses and get rid of it.  i found some.. suspicious … Continue reading

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time to eat!

ok, after all my excitement of Getting The Camera, my rather severe inability to take decent photos has come to the fore. BUT: All my photos of the capsicum were failures, sadly – but they were amazingly sweet, and delicious. … Continue reading

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Books and Camera and Boring-Old-Money

i’m doing ok with my Keeping-Track-of-What-I-Read this year. i’m trying not to be mean to myself about it – it’s an easy thing to do, for me – to start thinking i’m not reading ‘good enough’ books, or  that I’m … Continue reading

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… and my garden is slowly changing, as always.  we ate the first eggplant off the vine last night – it was beautiful, though i probably could have left it a little longer. oh well – still one left. the … Continue reading

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