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seeds and the endless tomatoes

Those are some nasturtium seeds.  i’m trying to be braver with growing things from seed – my beetroot has suffered one casualty, and i’m down to three (and one seed was a dud – fortunately one composite seed grew two … Continue reading

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sprouting, growing, waiting, sharing

this is a photo entry, because i can. one of the things i love most about gardening is the sharing aspect. amongst my colleagues are several seasoned, exceptional gardeners, who i think take to my passionate over-excitement about my plants … Continue reading

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things that my plants have taught me

i was pondering this at work today, while doing a fairly boring task.  my plants have taught me a lot more than i would have ever thought before i started really trying to work out how to keep them alive/grow … Continue reading

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this will be a boring post. it would probably only be more dull if it detailed my budgetary planning. BUT. i am a slob. slob doesn’t cover it – i border on hoarding – not a funny, joking hoarding, but … Continue reading

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Greener futures

this is the capsicum of optimism – i was convinced the bugger wasn’t going to fruit – the first flowers were too staggered between each other to pollinate so nothing happened – so i started hand pollinating Everything on the balcony … Continue reading

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It’s raining today – i’ve just moved my languishing rosemary bush from the Dark Balcony to the bright one – it was just not being watered that much, being away from the other plants. it’s surviving, just. rosemary is kind of amazing … Continue reading

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Meet The Garden.

let’s start at the beginning!  this will be photo intensive. I have a balcony. a very small balcony. well no. i have two balconies, but the other one gets about half an hour of sun a day, maximum, and does … Continue reading

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yet another blog.

I’ve had many blogs. my first one was an ‘online diary’ when i was sixteen. it had a terrible goth name (velvet? shrine? midnight? storm? i can’t really remember) and mostly focussed on bad poetry, and the endless alienation of … Continue reading

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