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Hospitals: or, will i ever leave this room again….

  last week i was admitted to hospital with a really high temperature — suspected infection, abdominal pain & really low blood pressure.  the day before that, i’d had a colonoscopy that showed my primary tumour had grown significantly, and … Continue reading

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pain and other stories: listen to your doctor

the last few weeks have been a challenging and hard, both mentally and physically – and on myself and other people. there’s something… wrong… with my bowel.  what, we don’t know. we’ll know soon enough, but in the mean time, … Continue reading

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the next step: an update

on thursday, i got incredibly good news. a new chemotherapy – called TAS-102 –  is available for me to try, on compassionate grounds. it’s not yet available in australia, but we are accessing it directly from the pharma company.  it … Continue reading

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