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mindfulness and cancerfails. plus, radiation is over!

there’s a lot of talk about the importance of mindfulness for cancer treatment. or in general. it’s another one of those things that i get weird and guilty about. i am often not mindful. i like to watch TV, movies, … Continue reading

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8 months (and a bit) of living with a death sentence. thoughts

it’s been 8 months. can you believe it? i can’t believe it. 8 months of doctors and hospitals and waiting rooms. 8 months of the nutra-blast commercial, of repeats of The Block shown at midday, of Ellen. 8 months of … Continue reading

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excellent results, surgery dates, and hospitals-smell-weird

so, it’s been a week or so of unusually good news, as those of you following at home on twitter/facebook will know. my PET scan (the big radioactive one) showed a ‘very good, but incomplete’ response to chemotherapy. that’s the … Continue reading

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the inevitability of a slow decline.

i did something that i know is not helpful for me.  i always think it will be. it never is. i have this weird gurgling under my right ribcage. i am terrified it’s tumours growing – the veins making sounds … Continue reading

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