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dreaming of cheese

I have an ear ache at the moment, and have had a really trying week at work – thus the lack of posts, and any ensuring crankiness. i find myself becoming more frustrated by the overwhelming abstract nature of my … Continue reading

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YES! finally a craft entry. this is dedicated to … the spinning wheel. i got the spinning wheel through a long, complicated story.  she’s been languishing on the balcony – when i first got her, i soon realised that sanding … Continue reading

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GARLIC! and more caterpillars

i only found one today, but they’ve been devouring the basil. i feel a bit dispirited by it – they are the EXACT colour of the basil, and by the time i get home in the evening, it’s usually too … Continue reading

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winter is coming…(plant related only).

sorry for that horrific Game of Thrones pun. BUT.  in keeping with winter coming, something very exciting has happened… yep. the garlic is breaking the surface. which is great – i was desperately worried it was not cold enough – … Continue reading

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