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sore and crabby and without suitable pun

apologies – today will be less upbeat.  i will however start with an amusing joke about how my tumours are hipsters: Yeah, my tumours are so obscure, you probably haven’t heard of them. (i blame Lachlan for that).   i’m … Continue reading

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i’ve had a bit of time out of my blogging – we moved apartments, and it’s taken awhile to set up the new one to a state of interest, and i’ve been to busy/braindead/unmotivated to blog for a bit, due … Continue reading

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little plants getting bigger!

lack of posts have been caused by me generally being a wee bit off colour for the last week or so. It’s proper-autumn now, and there are leaves up to my ankles when i walk to work, or wait at … Continue reading

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dreaming of cheese

I have an ear ache at the moment, and have had a really trying week at work – thus the lack of posts, and any ensuring crankiness. i find myself becoming more frustrated by the overwhelming abstract nature of my … Continue reading

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kale, and space

i saved my kale photos and one really pretty marigold photo for today, so not to overload the last entry.  aren’t you all glad? i bet you are. we might be moving sometime soon – don’t know if for sure, … Continue reading

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seedlings sprung!

we’re still in early days, and it could all go pear-shaped… but we have seedlings! i am stunningly pleased with myself.  i know better than to trust the first week or two of seedlings – they are still so small … Continue reading

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