today i was very sleepy. i had bad fevers last night, so had to have an extra big sleep.  fever dreams seemed focussed on going to live in a rainbow.  and how i would be better if i lived in the rainbow. it was urgent. i almost woke alex to tell her about the rainbow.  it was vaguely connected to the farm.

BUT i have good stuff. despite the sleepy, i did get up around midday. didn’t make it out of the house – the three flights of stairs made it beyond my capabilities, to be honest. i have enough trouble going up and down the one in the apartment. but i had a great visit from a colleague who bought me an amazing gift from a trash and treasure stall she thought i  might like: an older spinning wheel!!! i have an ashford kiwi 2 which i love, but this is something special. i suspect it’s a new zealand made wheel known as a ‘wee peggy’. if so, i am calling her Peggy Lee after a Kristin Hersh song.

eye candy: IMG_0389 IMG_0384 IMG_0380 IMG_0381 IMG_0385


there is even a really old niddy-noddy.  i am so happy. it’s missing a drive band and the tension… thingy.  so will see who is best to get parts for it, or make some diy attempt at the tension band with the ashford kit.  i have no idea how she’ll spin. there’s also an issue with a few other bits and i can’t remember the names, so i’ll talk to ravelry people for their sage help.

i started spinning after trying to find angora yarn that was from a small producer who kept their animals as ethically as possible. in the process, i found Charly from Ixchel, who i will link to. she does amazing blends, and is an amazing woman who i aspire to be like.  she is so strong and fierce and beautiful.  and she inspired me to start spinning, to get my wheel, to be courageous with ‘difficult’ fibre – (i love soft stuff. softer the better).  and she’s helped me so much in the whole cancer-thing.  and life. and of course, spinning, which is life.

it is a healing sort of repetition that is hard to explain. a steep learning curve – you are super, super crap at it at first, and then it becomes so soothing.  the wheels are also works of art. my kiwi is a lot more prosaic than the maybe wee peggy, but it gets the job done beautifully.  i’m not used to a single treadle, so that will be new, but i am eager to see how she spins.

no real cancer stuff. no cough at the moment. not much nose drip.  no ribcage spasms. only mild nausea. so, all ok, just completely smashed.  i spent maybe 2 hours working on peggy lee, and then just needed to internet for relaxation.  i did some brain training exercises too, that are a bit embarrassing because i am NOT that on the ball at the moment. but these should help?

anyhow. wheel. i am really vague today. more hair out. nurse confused as hair is not supposed to be coming out, let alone yet. oh well.


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5 Responses to NEW SPINNING WHEEL. and sleepy.

  1. greenspace01 says:

    what a lovely spinning wheel!
    sorry to hear your hair’s coming out. it’s a pity human hair isn’t easier to spin 😛

    • veritas says:

      i’m mostly confused – everyone’s told me that it WON’T fall out, and now it is… very early. would be so scratchy though! not good for spinning, at all. but the wheel – she’s so beautiful.

      • greenspace01 says:

        yes, I definitely wouldn’t want to wear anything made from spun human hair – way too brittle and scratchy.

  2. Ingrid says:

    Ooh, that is an object of beauty indeed! If I had some spare clumps of hair and enough energy to spin and weave, I think I would make a small tapestry with many colourful yarns and hair woven in to put on the wall. (I could help with supplies should you be interested in such a project, will send you another message via The Rav.) Also, hi. I’m sorry to hear about your cancer, but glad to hear that you have found surgeons you feel comfortable with, that’s very important. Good to know you already have an excellent hairdresser, that’s not internal surgery but it is important too. I’m no expert on hair but I’ve heard stressful experiences can lead to hair loss (besides any chemical side-effects that may or may not be happening?). Furthermore, thanks for writing. From here it sounds like your brain is doing ok. If this were a book, after reading the first page I would definitely take it home from the library…

    • veritas says:

      thank you so much for your comment Ingrid – defs Rav me up. i’m trying to get the energy to weave a blanket at the moment – the problem is not the weaving, but the set up which is just exhausting me to think about it!

      my medical team are all just incredible. i feel unbelievably lucky to have them on my side.

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