day three chemo. pretty boring really

I mean, my day was lovely – i was visited by a dear friend about to leave the country, Alex came in to say hello (we thought i was being discharged. yeah, no), and i’ve generally felt ok.  I’m off the final lot of drippy-in chemo, so my body is now about to start doing whatever it does with the chemicals it’s just absorbed.  tubes still hanging down my chest for blood work. likely to start feeling really rancid in the next few days? or maybe not. it’s a total gamble.


This is the current neurotic major list:

nurses still amazing.

still scared of heparin shots.

got a stomach ache from weird combinations of drugs, and may lead to horrific poos.

super paranoid about biting my tongue/side of mouth so only eating soft foods.

no idea when i am being discharged tomorrow because apparently pharmacy takes ages.



but i feel pretty ok. i mean, my heart rate (which was through the roof each time i had it read for the last few months) is down to normal again, my blood pressure has dropped, and i feel so much calmer about all of this, as weird at that sounds.  like, i know what i’m getting in for. i know it gets much worse, and much harder.  one step at a time.  yup yup. etc.


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2 Responses to day three chemo. pretty boring really

  1. Prue Holmes says:

    It’s wonderful that you can be so articulate about what is happening to you, Liz. You even make me laugh! Humour is good, keep that going! We’re thinking of you. We’ll be with Nikky in Helsinki on 24th July. Love from Prue

  2. Thanks for continuing to blog what you’re going through and how you’re feeling.

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