midsummer tiny-tomato dreams.

we had a nasty heatwave in canberra recently – 40 degree days. and the specialness of my balcony came into its own – the micro-climate and the lack of direct sun meant i had zero losses after the intense heat, and the only real result was that the tomatoes kept growing and my lemon tree went a bit mad – it’s covered in growth! it’s also unfortunately hard to photograph, so i’ll try it again next entry.

i’ve had relatively few losses this year – the big thing was the Pumpkin of Greatness. i killed it, because i let it flower way too early.  lesson learned: don’t let the damn thing flower in november. i also think pumpkins might fall into the category of Stuff That’s A Bit Dumb To Grow On A Balcony. it’s in good company with eggplants. sigh.


mystery chilli (hungarian hot wax)

this is my chilli plant with flowers, which is one of the two mystery chillies. seriously, no idea what sort it is, but going on the fruit, one of my amazing urban homesteader friends on the internet has suggested a hungarian hot wax. i know i did plant some, so i’m going to go with that!  it’s about the length of my index finger now – i’ll wait til it gets more yellow and emancipate it.  and then eat it. and then WEEP tears of fire.


Mr Stripey!

ok, i’m not completely sure those tomatoes are Mr Stripeys, mostly due to being lazy and not checking my guide to what-plants-i-planted-where. i have a lot of them though.


rhubarb update!

the rhubarb continues merrily. honestly, it falls into the ‘not great idea for a balcony-plant’ category, because you seriously can’t do that much with a few stalks of rhubarb. but i love it like a child, and don’t care if i don’t eat it, and just admire how beautiful the leaves are. it also repels pests. it’ll be ready to split into a second plant next year – i might colonise another pot with it, which MIGHT make enough to have a decent crop.


endless cherry tomatoes

the cherry tomato onslaught begins.  this is the first plant i planted and is likely to be the most heavily fruiting.  DELICIOUS.  they taste really good – nothing on the Black Russian, but still better than store bought. the Black Russian has six fruit on it. i will, in all seriousness, cry if anything happens to that plant before autumn-dying-time.


more giant chilli

this is The Other Chilli. i have no idea, at all, what sort of chilli this is. it could be the same as the almost-definitely-Hungarian-Hot-Wax, or something else entirely. i just now have to hope that it does actually fruit, because the leave are abnormally huge and i have no idea what is happening there.


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