optimistic chilli



So, i started using my instagram account again recently, as a part of attempting to create more content rather than just observe, and i’m really enjoying it.  there’s something very intimate and yet casual about it – moments into other people’s lives in images, and a far more interesting way to present the self, in a lot of ways, then something like facebook.  however, it’s funny because i feel like i might double up a bit too much with the blog posts! not that it matters, given i mostly keep the blog for me, and well, i hardly expect my garden blog to be making new traffic records for wordpress.  but still.


tomatoes! and cement!

here’s one variety of tomato, which i’m pretty pleased with. i’ve tried very minimal staking this time, because honestly, it’s a balcony. the tomato is not going to rot from draping on the cement. this isn’t draping so much as reaching out, and is a fair bit off the ground. but i’ll just let them be, and see how i go.


mystery chilli

this is the title chilli.  no idea what it is.  but it’s awesome? optimistic it’s going to develop even a bit of heat… but it’s always a gamble. i’ve not had the best luck with chillis.


chard? silverbeet? something like that.

i’m pretty sure this is rainbow chard? whatever it is, it’s delicious, and growing really brilliantly. i had some with dinner the other night.


tomato! hurah!

and last but never least – an actual real tomato!  yep!  this is the 4th ripe one so far – but the bush is covered so i’m looking forward to a lot more.

the heat seems to be just the right amount, with the light/shade balance.  there’s actually very little direct sun – seriously, most plants aren’t getting any at all, but they are doing so much better than at the old place that got far, far more direct sunlight. i think the temperature is consistent, and that probably helps – it’s warm, but not too warm, and the sun isn’t as likely to burn everything and leech all the water out of the terracotta pots! this is a good reminder lesson for me – that you cannot always follow the advice of The Internet, or The Garden Books – you need to learn how your microclimate works, and learn to work intimately with it, and listen to what it tells you.


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2 Responses to optimistic chilli

  1. katiedavis says:

    I agree – Instagram is somehow more intimate. It’s the one space where lurking makes me feel uncomfortable. I don’t connect with anyone there who doesn’t post, because I kind of expect reciprocity on Instagram. Yet I don’t expect it anywhere else.

    • veritas says:

      it’s a wonderful place, isn’t it? and i know what you mean about lurking – it’s such a powerful conversation, and something really unique to hold without words.

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