Quiet times and fibre preparation

I’ve not posted in awhile – mostly because the plants are taking care of themselves quite nicely, with relatively few challenges other than keeping them watered. the microclimate on the balcony is interesting – very little of it is in full sun, ever.  despite this, everything seems to be growing pretty well, and i am rotating some of the plants around so that they do get periods of full sun, or less sun.  accordingly, i’m finding they need less water than i would have suspected they would have.

one update though – next weekend we are going on the pilgrimage to Masters, the exciting hardware store, to attempt to find overhanging balcony planters. for some completely inexplicable reason, they are damn near impossible to find – which infuriates me because overhanging planters are both incredibly space efficient and positioned in the BEST sun spot. hopefully, the search will be fruitful.

speaking of fruit — friends gave me a lemon tree! it has two flowers on it so far. it does however need repotting, which intimidates me somewhat.



Tomato Tree!!!! w/ tomato!!!

as the title suggests, this is my Tomato Tree. it’s the biggest one, and it also finally has a baby tomato on it. i am very excited, and optimistic it will be delicious. i’m also really terrible at photos still. i have a new iPhone.  they seem to take good photos, right? i’ll try that.


pumpkin flower: ‘male’

My pumpkin has TWO fruit on it. however, heaps of flowers have come and gone. and only two of them have been ‘female’ ones.  here’s an example of one of the lovely, yet useless without female, male flowers.  it’s so yellow and lovely though.


hand sized basil leaf

NB. size may be deceptive because my hands are tiny. my sister’s nickname for me is actually ‘small hands’.  but despite this, i am super impressed by impressive basil leaves. one of the plants has bolted though. i think it was triggered by the random extremely cold day. thanks, canberra weather. when it fails, it fails in a particularly irritating manner.  it is, however, even at its worse, better than brisbane weather.



as tag suggests, i am inordinately proud of my capacity to put water and rabbit poop on a plant in a pot, and somehow take the entire success for the incredible process of plant growth as a result.


my sheepy project continues:  i was given a whole fleece by my partner’s grandparents’, who are merino farmers.  so, i’m attempting a sheep to sweater/blanket project, and processing the fibre using a modification of the Margaret Stove merino method – rather than hand washing each lock, i put them into tulle ‘sausages’ & wash each of them in scourer. i’m trialling when to comb the lock, and i’m finding the best result seems to be both before, and after washing. it’s resulting in more waste, but i am guessing as i become better at is, there will be less.

LESSONS: hand prepping an entire fleece, using a washing-each-lock method, is seriously time consuming.  the tub below is MANY hours work, and probably about 50 grams. if that.  but, it’s a huge amount of fun, and amazing amount of craft time for my buck. so, all in all, a winner.



individual locks – washed, combed and ready for spinning

here’s my container. i’ve added a cheery bundle of lavender to keep it smelling pretty, and to repel moths.


sample spin, from the lock

this is my sample mini skein, spun from the lock. i tried making a rolag, but i hated the effect – not nearly as smooth, and more tendency for lumps and VM to get into the thread.  i’m happy with the above skein, and it also saves me from needing to buy a set of combs straight away!



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