growing seedlings, frequently devoured strawberries

i am suffering heavy losses on the strawberry front. something is eating them. well, someone. i am guessing a rather naughty currawong.

BUT here are some cheery plant & spinning photos. low on text – i have another endless headache, and some virus that’s manifested, likely as a result of air conditioned offices.


misc small tomato

intelligently, i failed to note which small tomato this in fact was.


victorious pumpkin!

as suggested, the pumpkin is victorious.


more handspun

here is some more hand spun yarn i’ve done – this is the churro/angora i mentioned before. the camera’s done the colours pretty well – but a lot of the dye seems to be coming out – i think because it’s a natural dye? never used one before. it’s still stunning – will just have to be Extra Careful with it. my fingers go madder pink and sticky as i spin it, and there’s a little pink line on my wheel from it. but it’s so magic, and much softer than i thought it would be.  so good.

i think i’ve worked out the macro function on my camera as well! so, some winning has happened after all.


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2 Responses to growing seedlings, frequently devoured strawberries

  1. Stacey says:

    Your pumpkin is looking great! I always forget which tomatoes they are too…

    • veritas says:

      thank you! i have this complex nail polish/skewer system to keep track, but sadly, i didn’t take note before i took the photo. i THINK it’s a Florida basket?

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