Flowers and strawberries

tonight is a picture post.  my camera skills need work: the previous camera, lost in the apartment, had a way better/easier to use macro, so my photos are bog.  so practice.


three headed strawberry

I ate that strawberry. it was amazing.  it was easily as good as it looks.


all of pumpkin plant


detail of pumpkin plant

the pumpkin fascinates me. the leaves are huge – and it’s extremely fast growing – much more so than anything else i have ever grown.


nasturtium. ❤

and the flower there just makes me really really happy.

ALSO! a belated congratulations to the amazing Alice Munro for winning the Nobel Prize for literature. she’s one of my favourite writers at the moment, and was on my Top Three Hopeful Picks, so i’m pretty thrilled, and am reading another of her books right now to celebrate.  at the end of the year, i’m going to post the list of what i’ve read this year, and brief reflections on everything – i actually don’t read nearly as much as i feel i should, but this is a good way to keep track of where i’m at, and what i’d like to try and read more of.



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