seedling muster!

today, i will provide a list of current tomato varieties i have in seed! i know, you’re all excited, right?  i think i’m getting a migraine, which is annoying but less annoying than if i had gotten it at work and needed to go home. any loyal readers with migraine tips, i am more than receptive to them. nb. i’m allergic to migraine-stopping meds.

photo (4)

tomato field


Left to Right:

1: black russians (indeterminate)
2: tiny tim (determinate)
3: mr stripey (determinate) i mostly bought this because of the adorable name
4: florida basket (determinate)
5: lecase di apulia (determinate)

the black russians are from green harvest, the rest are eden seeds. we’ll see how we go on these.  i’m also trying a germination technique consisting of Jiffy Cups On The Top Of The Fridge for my chillies.  and i bought three more varieties.  i want a lot of chillies, and i am stubbornly refusing to admit that they may not germinate/grow well. i will do it. i WILL!


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