surprise pumpkin!

bad news! i can’t find the camera. i think it’s under the couch?  but i’m left with my goddamn terrible iPhone camera once again.  it’s a really old iPhone, so thus, really terrible photos.

but really good news:  the pumpkin seed i had written off has germinated! i only discovered it this morning when i pushed over some of the mulch in the pot i planted the seed, looking for the odd grass weed (it’s the sad consequence of rabbit poop – odd weeds).  and ahoy!!! a tiny pumpkin plant which will hopefully grow TINY pumpkins!

photo (2)


please note the copious amount of aged rabbit droppings.  this was, along with my epic ex-rabbit-straw mulch, what was hiding the tiny plant.

seed wise, i’ve been having issues with the wind blowing over the tiny-greenhouse.  this knocked all the jiffy cups awry, and thus, my order of what jiffy had what seed in it.  given my luck, though, i wasn’t expecting anything other than the basil to even germinate. but then….. TOMATOES! or chillies. i have no idea what.  the ones that hadn’t germinated, i decided were Dumb Write Offs. i’ll show you, i thought! i then dug into them to see if the seed had rotted. low and behold, about three of them had in fact germinated, and just hadn’t hit the surface yet. oops.  if i didn’t kill them, i will have some chillies soon! or maybe tomatoes.  mystery-things.

i planted 5 tomato varieties today in a seed raising mix of soil, as i am broken by the jiffy cups. i’m also going to try raising the chilli seeds inside (in the kitchen, or upstairs in the Warm Bit) to try and get them up.

this is the list of what i have growing outside the greenhouse:

Chilli (old one, forgot variety name)
Thyme (cutting from Michelle at work)
Basil (x4 – x2 non heirloom sweet basil, x2 heirloom)
Strawberries (x2)
Garlic (a lot. a Huge amount… heirloom, diggers)
Flat leafed parsley (x2)
Lavender (x3)
Kale – Tuscan
Mint (x2)
Rhubarb (x2 in the pot, might need to get one of them out!)
Aloe vera (x6)

i don’t have my garden book with me so i can’t list off all my varieties of seedlings on the go, but i have:

more basil
6 varieties of tomato
2 varieties of chilli
rainbow chard

photo (3)

New Pot

i also got new pots today. the one pictured above is a stackable system, with three pots shaped like that which stack – it’s a decent size (each 30litre capacity).  i’ve got parsley and tarragon in the bottom layer, and might put basil at the front (optimal position). i’m still planning the remaining layers, but am seriously considering an additional nasturtium, and a top level of rainbow chard – or chillies? i am not sure yet. i could put the chard in another pot, i guess. the other pots i bought were just utility tomato pots. nothing too interesting.  and i FINALLY repotted my aloe vera plants that had been suffering in a tiny pot for years, not watered for most of the time they were on my old balcony, and yet, somehow survived.  i put them in one of the terrible soil pots, because no amount of my neglect seemed to damage them, so i’m confident they will form a strong and vital city in there.

my spinning is also starting to look good. i’ll have to post some images once i find the camera.




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