little plants getting bigger!

lack of posts have been caused by me generally being a wee bit off colour for the last week or so.



It’s proper-autumn now, and there are leaves up to my ankles when i walk to work, or wait at the bus stop.  it’s easily my favourite time of year in canberra.  i love the colours, and the crunch under foot as i walk over them.



the marjoram is finally starting to come along!  it’s been a slow grower – i’m not sure if it needs pruning as it goes in order to encourage growth, or if it will take care if itself.  the growing-herbs-from-seeds exercise has taught me that herbs grow really, really slowly when they are establishing.  which is fine! but you aren’t going to see a little plant in a hurry. it’s satisfying, but when you have seeds, and not much space, (so you aren’t growing many things) you aren’t actually saving a cent. in fact, it’s possibly more expensive than buying seedlings. it’s still more pleasurable though.


pak choi

also coming along nicely is the pac choi, which is finally establishing!  you can see a garlic clove to the left of it, which i read are excellent to companion plant with pretty much everything.



and last, but never least, KALE!!! one of my four babies, and probably the strongest at the moment? it’s finally starting to grow fast, with excellent little crinkle leaves and all!



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One Response to little plants getting bigger!

  1. Clare says:

    I hope your pak choi experience is better than mine. Mine was somewhat of a disaster

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