dreaming of cheese

I have an ear ache at the moment, and have had a really trying week at work – thus the lack of posts, and any ensuring crankiness.

i find myself becoming more frustrated by the overwhelming abstract nature of my job. i sit at a computer, adding information about other information.  deal with colleagues, deal with all these small things that become big things for no real reason. all while my plants grow slowly. sometimes, i just want to make things.  produce something. anything. the dream  — subsistance farming in tasmania, living in a earth-bag house, is a long, long way off though.

my spinning wheel, as profiled last blog, is sadly a write-off. it feels so terribly wasteful, but the timber has warped. i’m on the lookout for a second hand one.

kale growing up!

kale growing up!

so, here are comforting plant photos. the kale is getting bigger! i should have planted them earlier, and sadly, they just don’t get enough sun to grow that fast, but damn it, i will have kale plants! i will not be dispirited! etc.etc.


pak choi

the pak choi is also going great guns, if a little slowly.


sock yarn

and here is some amazing sock yarn.  not a great photo, the colours are much more excellent in reality.  the blues! so great.


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2 Responses to dreaming of cheese

  1. redsista says:

    I love your kale! There’s nothing like the satisfaction of growing things from seed. I hope your ear gets better soon, there’s little worse than an ear ache 😦

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