GARLIC! and more caterpillars



i only found one today, but they’ve been devouring the basil. i feel a bit dispirited by it – they are the EXACT colour of the basil, and by the time i get home in the evening, it’s usually too dark to easily pick them.  it’s all about to go, anyhow. still. this was on the parsley.  the parsley is, however, indestructible, so all was good.



sad autumn garden

it’s starting to look a bit humble now – the sweet bite is almost dead, i’ve moved a few pots onto the other balcony, the basil is on its last legs, and heaps of the pots are empty, awaiting new crops.  However, the rhubarb continues to rule the world.  i get a sick pleasure out of seeing cabbage moths try and eat it, only to end up dying from the poison in the leaves.  then i feel a bit bad. but mostly glad.  i’m using Dipel on the green winter crops, and i DON’T CARE.

so spotty!

so spotty!

Nasturtium flowers are still my favourite. there is, however, a slug that is hanging around the pot. i discovered a Secret Stash of slugs on the weekend, hiding in the messy area of the balcony. the lesson: keep your damn garden space clean. it keeps pests away.  i’m going to buy some copper wire to put around the pots, in order to keep the slugs out.  enough is enough, and NOTHING is going to hurt my precious nasturtium.


garlic field

… well, it’s a milk crate with soil. maybe not a field. i’m also unsure if i’ve planted them too close together – i’ve read wildly varying advice for spacing. i know home grown garlic rarely forms large bulbs, so i’m sure they won’t run into each other.  i really like how sturdy they are – beautiful little plants.

beautiful garlic

beautiful garlic

we will be moving in a few months – a new balcony.  it will mean something i’ve dreamed of for a LONG time though: wall mounted containers, and a balcony gardening unit. i cannot, cannot describe how excited this makes me. i’ll also be able to set up hanging pots over the edge of the balcony, and am going to branch into indoor plants – i found a beautiful wall unit for indoor plants that i’m really excited about.


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2 Responses to GARLIC! and more caterpillars

  1. Karen says:

    You always hate when a garden starts its decline. Mine on the other hand is waiting for new plants.

    • veritas says:

      it’s sad – but a little exciting for the winter things i can soon see growing bigger and stronger. i’m trying to resist the urge to get more seeds!

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