winter is coming…(plant related only).

sorry for that horrific Game of Thrones pun.

BUT.  in keeping with winter coming, something very exciting has happened…



yep. the garlic is breaking the surface. which is great – i was desperately worried it was not cold enough – but Patrick at work – one of our volunteers  – told me that now was the perfect time to plant it. i trust patrick, because he knows more about gardening than i ever will.

it’s surrounded by coffee and eggshells, in the hope that the slugs stay away. as you can see, the coffee has a snail trail running over the top of it. i hope the snail/slugs are repelled suitably by the garlic.

basil flowers

basil flowers

i’m currently letting the basil go to seed to harvest and save – it’s not a heirloom, but hopefully it will breed true enough, and after a few generations, it will start settling – and this is what happens.  the flowers also have a really beautiful scent.

baby nasturtium growing up!

baby nasturtium growing up!

these leaves are remarkably beautiful.  i really, passionately love these plants, and am going to die inside if anything happens to them.

little tiny leaf!

little tiny leaf



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