kale, and space

i saved my kale photos and one really pretty marigold photo for today, so not to overload the last entry.  aren’t you all glad? i bet you are.

we might be moving sometime soon – don’t know if for sure, or when – though it will definitely be within the same suburb or so.  this will mean a big change for the garden.  a north facing balcony – or preferably two balconies, one light filled – or even better, Actual Dirt, or a courtyard – are all things i want really  badly. space, however, will be an issue, because it’s unlikely that we’ll have the same amount of balcony space we have here. but to be honest, it’s under-utilised, compared to other balcony farms i’ve seen, so i should be able to work with a tighter space perfectly fine, and it’s almost exciting to be thinking about the new challenges that a different space will provide – the benefits and the drawbacks.  the advantage would be that i’ll be able to vertically garden though – which is something i’ve not been able to do in this place.  very exciting!

it’s making me feel really attached to my current space though, and making me really look at all the wonderful, as well as the challenging things about it.  i’ve mostly focussed on the annoying bits – the lack of light on one, and the marginal amount of light, which is 4-5 hours direct, and a bit in the afternoon, in summer. right now, there is pretty much no direct sun, though lots of reflected heat and light, even though the normally sun-less balcony is getting the morning light, which is doing wonders for the ailing capsicum (two more fruit!) and the seedlings.  in some senses, i love change. i love breaking up monotony, and shifting. and in others, i loathe, fear, and stress about it. so i am filled with both the eagerness to move and start a whole new adventure, and an overwhelming fondness for the worn, ripped-up-carpet, occasionally-flooding, drenched-with-good-bad-and-terrible memories apartment in which i’ve lived for over five years.

i’ve lived here the whole time i’ve been in canberra, because of my attachment to living as close to the ‘city’ as possible, and i’m not compromising on leaving the inner, inner north, or south (south is a stretch, but it’s significantly cheaper) – though it means no garden, because a house is really not an option this close in.  but i actually … like balcony gardening. i like the easier and the harder aspects of it, and the rewards of growing things in a tight space. ok, i do fantasise about having some Dirt in the Ground, but i am also just as happy with the pots, realistically.  though, a huge, majestic balcony is still a dreamy and beautiful fantasy for me.

here is some kale:

two kale in the morning sun

two kale in the morning sun

i’ve been religious about rotating them, and it’s really worked for them – growing up straight and tall.  it looks as though they aren’t getting that leggy either, as they are all getting their first sets of ‘true’ leaves at the moment!



the camera, though better than my iphone, is still pretty limited in its ability to capture anything decent.


true leaves – tiny ones…

you can only just see them, but they are there! really!


marigold seedling.

this is another self-seeded one – not sure if it’s going to make it in the cold, but we’ll see…


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