teenage plants? bigger, anyhow

the seedlings are all still kicking, amazingly enough! my pak choi has only produced four seedings out of six seeds, which isn’t totally terrible – and likely to be my own fault the other two didn’t raise. they are adorable.


pak choi

it’s honestly not possible for the camera to do a good job of these – the light on the balcony, combined with the lightness of the leaves makes it near impossible.

BEST TIP FOR SEEDLING RAISING: plastic tomato/strawberry/blueberry et al containers.  it makes a tiny greenhouse.  fantastic stuff.




close up of the little spotty bits on the leaf


tiny second set of leaves!

more nasturtium porn. i’ve now replanted this one into its Forever Pot on the other balcony.  the first photo there is two days before the other two – it grows so fast!!!


mystery eggs

these are the mystery eggs i found on the balcony, really weird stuff. i think they are slug eggs?  i almost wanted to keep them in a jar to see what happened, but decided that was a bit strange/gross.


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2 Responses to teenage plants? bigger, anyhow

  1. Ivynettle says:

    I’m pretty sure those are slug eggs. Or maybe snails – nothing you’d want to keep around, in any case!

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