photo entry – front balcony seedlings

just a quick photo entry: i’ve got a brutal migraine that’s only just starting to fade back.

nasturtium 1

germinating nasturtium

nasturtium 3

nasturtium – just opened

nasturtium 2

close up of leaves – nasturtium


marjoram field in plastic.

sadly, it was a wee bit too dark when i too the photos for them to be excellent. hopefully will get better photos tomorrow.



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2 Responses to photo entry – front balcony seedlings

  1. They are so tiny and wonderful! (The smell and taste of nasturtium leaves/flowers places me back on my Aunty Helen’s farm in her rambling house-paddock cottage garden. I was about eight I think 🙂

    • veritas says:

      i’m going to post the next lot of photos – they are a little more open! they make me think of my grandma. she would show us how to bite the flower tips to get the nectar out, and they always felt magical to me as a child – strange, magical plants from another world. seeing the baby one grow so fast, and the leaves unfurl is incredible.

      i have Pak Choi seedlings now too! nothing dead yet. (YET).

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