seedlings sprung!

we’re still in early days, and it could all go pear-shaped… but we have seedlings!



i am stunningly pleased with myself.  i know better than to trust the first week or two of seedlings – they are still so small and vulnerable – but i have high hopes.  i’m using the second balcony for seed raising, and so far, it’s working pretty well.


just breaking the surface – kale

so far, three of the six kale seeds i’ve planted have germinated. i planted them in a really high tec set up – the kale in a tomato container, the marjoram in another tomato container.  the nasturtium number two (which hasn’t risen yet) is in a tiny yoghurt container. either the seed is a dud, or it’s been over/under watered. i am considering planting it into the pot i want it to live in eventually – or, just getting out another seed and planting that instead.



the marjoram is tinier, but way, way more have sprouted than i thought. i’m not sure if it’s like thyme – a lot of plants go into one pot – or like rosemary – one plant, one pot.  i will consult The Internet/gardening book and see.

i’m also going to try raising the pak choi this weekend – i’ve got some strawberry containers that will do nicely, and the pot they are intended for is filled with basil that i’m about to write off (ie, make into pesto!).

high tec seed system

high tec seed system

this is my big Thing now – working out really effective ways to do my Plant Stuff, in the most intelligent, cost-effective way.  do i need the most fancy worm farm? do i need that amazing composter that looks like a tiny death star? do i need fancy pants containers?  what do i have at home, or what can i get cheaply, that will do the same job just as well?

my other big aim is to try and find a way of nicely arranging the pots/balcony. the decorative aspect is really, seriously poor out there – it’s just cluttered in, with Gardening Stuff shoved in the corner.  i probably should rearrange inside the house first though; we sort of have a large bookshelf, on its side, sitting in the lounge room, waiting to be moved into the bedroom…. oops.



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