goodbye eggplant. hello nasturtiums!

i pulled up the eggplant today, after talking to my endlessly wise and beautiful, and generally awesome friend Elise, who’s a horticulturalist in Adelaide, who suggested i just cut my losses and get rid of it.  i found some.. suspicious grubs in the pot, along with some earth worms – i’m going to have a dig around in the pot, and decide if i should toss the soil and start anew, or try and pick as many as i can out. i also pulled out 8 small, very, very bug-eaten basil plants. we just had a bumper dose of pesto. it was Amazing.  this winter, i’m really going to try and not give into the urge to buy non-seasonal basil.  this is going to be very hard, because i love basil.

i’m helping a friend set up her balcony next weekend – mostly exciting for me because it will mean a trip to the nursery!  the funnest place in the world!

during autumn, i’m also trialling moving some plants around – the second balcony we have gets morning sun – from about 7am – 1pm – which is more than Other Balcony, and it’s also warmer.  the growing balcony seems to be getting colder – i’m tempted to raise the seedings inside, because of the cold.  and wind!  oh wow, the wind.  i forget how windy autumn is here. maybe i’ll bring the seedlings in at night – they are autumn seedlings though, so i am guessing they’ll be fine with the cold. i’ll see how long it takes for them to raise.


beautiful nasturtium

this is my nasturtium seedling.  it’s tiny – and completely perfect. needless to say, i will be completely broken if anything happens to it (ie, bugs eating it), but i’ve got a few seeds left.  growing things from seeds is incredible, and i cannot even compare buying a seeding to the feeling of bringing something out of a tiny seed into a living plant.


chili flowers

at the moment, my chili plant is probably my second favourite plant (after baby nasturtium), because it is somehow flowering again, despite it being autumn, and i would have thought, too cold for that.  i think it’s down to the change in position – it’s in the ‘hot corner’ of the balcony, and seems to be loving it there. if even one more of those turn into a chili i will be delighted (and SURE AS HELL seed saving in case the plant doesn’t make it through winter).  i’m going to also be moving it over to the Sunny Morning Balcony come winter. i’ll possibly just move it inside at night, actually, and hope the cats are not dumb enough to think eating it is a good idea. the cats, however, are not very bright.



it’s an end of tomato season festival at the moment. there are so, so many cherry tomatoes out there it’s hard to even know where to start. i think they might ripen all at once, which is ok, because i can pretty much live off tomato.  the one pictured above is still my favourite variety i grew this season. next summer, i am thinking zebra stripes, those little bell shaped yellow ones, a black russian, and one of the delightful ones pictured above. the below sweet bite remains inferior in flavour, but still Really Pretty.


sweet bite, looking adorable


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2 Responses to goodbye eggplant. hello nasturtiums!

  1. I’d keep a close eye on the nasturtium seedling – they’re annuals in Canberra because they can’t take the frosts. Probably wont melt as quickly as frosty basil, though. I haven’t tried nursing a chili through winter so it’ll be interesting to see how that goes. 🙂

    • veritas says:

      strange. a few different planting guides said to plant them in march/april, which i thought was confusing, because well, flowering annuals. we’ll see. the balcony doesn’t get that cold – i’ve never noticed frost on it in the past, so it should be good. i’ll just move the pot into a sheltered position. thanks! i have high hopes for the chili – if i put it in the sunshine in the morning, and then move it inside at night, i hope it’ll survive!

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