time to eat!

ok, after all my excitement of Getting The Camera, my rather severe inability to take decent photos has come to the fore.



Delicious Eggplant

All my photos of the capsicum were failures, sadly – but they were amazingly sweet, and delicious.  the eggplant was dense – but i don’t think that’s a bad thing.   it was a beautiful, solid weight, with that slightly hollow feeling that eggplants have when you hold them.

it’s a strange feeling for me, given how little food i’ve gotten off the plants, to eat them – on one hand, i am overjoyed at the fact that i grew this. another, it seems overwhelmingly fleeting.  it’s helping me think a bit more about what are the most efficient, effective, and, well, sensible things to grow in the limited space i have – the eggplant and capsicum both took up a lot of space, and both had very little yield. the eggplant, however, was a beautiful plant which i grew stupidly fond of – it came from a colleague of mine as an excess from her greenhouse.   the eggplant bush is pretty much dead – or at least in its final stages. i’m feeling a little sad about digging it up – well, no, actually – a lot sad about it.  the leaves were beautiful, and the plant was amazingly resilient, despite all the critters that attacked it.

it’s the end of the season, and time to let go – to start new plants, to see new growth, and to dig up the dead, and dying plants.  my nasturtium is going beautifully. i feel a little emotional seeing it as well – my grandma’s backyard was filled with them, and i remember her showing me, and my sister, that we could drink the honey out of the flowers.  i love them because they are beautiful – they remind me of grandma – and you can eat the whole plant.  the peppery flavour of the leaves is wonderful – i don’t like roquette, because i’m strange, but i love the similar, but really different flavour of nasturtiums.

my Digger’s Club order arrived with my seed-raising mix, grow bags, and garlic, swede and marjoram seeds.  i’m going to start some seedings on the weekend – kale, marjoram, maybe another nasturtium (i have a large pot which currently is empty after the sad loss of the rosemary – i was thinking having the nasturtiums in with the marjoram maybe).  the beans will probably be straight sewed, the basil is going to be dug up soon, to make way for the garlic, swedes will go in the Big Tomato/Basil pot, and i’m trying, hope against hope, to keep my ailing beetroot alive, which is not happy since re-burying.

longer post. i’m in a bit of a strange, sad mood tonight, so sorry about the rambles.



so here’s TinyCat looking a little put out. or happy? or sad? it’s hard to tell, really. bless you, TinyCat.


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