Autumn begins

… and my garden is slowly changing, as always.  we ate the first eggplant off the vine last night – it was beautiful, though i probably could have left it a little longer. oh well – still one left.


wonderful red capsicum


red capsicum

the capsicum!  the red is spreading beautifully – and even though there are only two of them on the bush (these are photos of the same one), it’s still tremendously exciting.



NASTURTIUM!  it’s still tiny, but it has the most beautiful, fully-formed, tiny leaves.  sadly, none of my photographs of it look particularly good.  not sure what went wrong there. i’ll get a camera charger for the decent camera soon, i promise.


coriander babies

And here we have coriander babies – not sure how much thinning i’m going to need to do for these, or if i should just let it free-range out.  i am so pleased with these – i just shook the seeds from the dead coriander plant in this pot (ok, ‘pot’ is stretching it – it’s a milk crate with a black plastic lining that i think is an old tarp) threw some bunny poop over the top, and left it in the shade, giving it a bit of a water. then! miracle*! tiny plants!

*not really a miracle


beetroot seeding

the leggy beetroot of doom. the stalks keep falling down, and it’s too long. i’m considering unearthing them, and burying them deeper (the internet has suggested this is a good idea). that, or cutting my losses and using that pot to put kale in. i’ve moved the position of the pot so that it gets more sunlight – and i’ll move it again for even more maximum Sun Effort.


more parsley than i could ever eat

it’s pretty, and surplus to demand. fortunately, parsley is like crack to rabbits (only without the terrible health problems – it’s really, really good for them) so i’ll be loading the little dudes up with some. the parsley is strange – it ebbs and flows from huge to chewed up – completely randomly as well. the mint that shares the pot is currently being obliterated by wormies, which is fine, because i’ve got two other pots of mint, and don’t use it often anyhow.

this weekend, i’m saying goodbye to some of my basil plants to make them into pesto, and clear up the pots, ready for some new things! i’m going to try growing oregano from seed (wish me luck!) and a rosemary cutting from the garden. i have one LONG pot though, which i’m tempted to use for something other than rosemary. but what? it’s quite narrow. perhaps rosemary is the best.

edit/rant: the formatting on wordpress is a unique kind of shit.  just saying, wordpress. this is about my tenth edit, just to make the text next to the capsicums sit nice. i am THIS close to rage quitting back to blogger which is way more pleasing to upload photos to.


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4 Responses to Autumn begins

  1. “*not really a miracle” :))))

    • veritas says:

      it seems like magic to me. but so does electricity, gravity, the fact birds can fly, and human language… the world is big and glorious.

      • I know exactly what you mean. I still haven’t managed to get over the fact that Pink and Grey Galahs are actually really pink and really grey ❤

  2. veritas says:

    @bree – YES! and the red-blue birds?! how amazing are they!?

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