seeds and the endless tomatoes


Those are some nasturtium seeds.  i’m trying to be braver with growing things from seed – my beetroot has suffered one casualty, and i’m down to three (and one seed was a dud – fortunately one composite seed grew two tiny plants).  i hear mixed things about growing nasturtiums in Canberra – i’m not sure how well this will go. but they are beautiful, nostalgic flowers, and i really hope they do grow.

The odd weather means it’s a sudden, brilliant tomato-fest – the plant i thought was a failure now has about five fruit on it – and the plant i grew from seed is, i’m 90% sure, another Black Russian, judging by the shape of the fruit.  i couldn’t get a good shot of it this morning in the rain, sadly, but will try again soon.  i should know as soon as it starts to colour, but they have that gnarled, strange Black Russian shape.  NOTE!  make sure you label your varieties! it is a helpful thing.


Here’s a fruit from the not-so-failing tree. it’s a french salad tomato, so i’m really excited to see what it tastes like. the fruit itself looks beautiful – not that i mind ugly fruit, but the tomatoes i’ve grown have been much prettier than what i expected from home grown.


The tomato forest is looking brilliant from all the rain.

it turns out my eggplant had white fly – but the weather seems to have killed them? i’m not sure, but the newer, baby leaves don’t have the spots on them, so i think we’re doing ok now. the fruit is ripening, and there are more flowers. i’m not sure where this is putting my autumn planting – i am impatient, and i want to start More Plants off.  but i need to wait. my garden is good for that.

i also killed the rosemary. somehow. (well, i know how, it was on the Other balcony, i forgot to water it because it was away from the other plants, and it died.  it’s pretty simple really).  so i’m thinking of getting a rosemary seedling, and some oregano.  it’s oregano planting season.  and the rosemary should be fine if i plant it now and am Extra Nice to it. i was going to try to grow from a cutting, but that seems slightly mad.  or maybe… hmmm….


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2 Responses to seeds and the endless tomatoes

  1. psychoward98 says:

    I also like to grown from seeds. It makes me feel like a real farmer. I am planting stevia for the first time this year.

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