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this is a photo entry, because i can.

one of the things i love most about gardening is the sharing aspect. amongst my colleagues are several seasoned, exceptional gardeners, who i think take to my passionate over-excitement about my plants with bemused patience.  fortunately, my over-enthusiasm is generally pretty endearing, so i get away with it.  but it’s from them that i learn so much. on facebook, i share my successes and trials with a gardening group, and a dear, beautiful friend who is a long time gardener, and horticulturalist.

we share seeds and stories and progress and failures and advice. it’s lovely.

PHOTOS: (sorry about the terrible formatting. i’m still only new to wordpress and not super excellent at playing around with the positioning of the photos yet… plus it’s hard to care when they are crap photos taken with an old phone).

IMG_1020   IMG_1021

little beetroot! the cat likes jumping on it. i’m not sure if i should move it into direct sun once they are a bit bigger, or keep them in the shade. from memory, beetroot does well in the shade.



eggplant fruit! stupidly overexcited about this.

brown stuff on leaves is coffee grinds – it helps repel the snails from eating the leaves, and seems to deter aphids a bit? and the nasty bugs? everything eats eggplant leaves. i hope the fruit keeps growing and doesn’t get devoured by the bug city.


exceptional rhubarb

Rhubarb! so beautiful! look at the size of those leaves.  i know it’s at least a year before i can eat it, but i don’t care.  the shape and colour of the leaves, the strange nature of the plant… easily one of the best random ‘oh can i keep it!’ buys from the markets, ever.


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