this will be a boring post. it would probably only be more dull if it detailed my budgetary planning.

BUT. i am a slob. slob doesn’t cover it – i border on hoarding – not a funny, joking hoarding, but getting genuinely upset over having to throw almost anything out. i have more clothes items than i even care to go into, that end up strewn all over the house creatively – and in a clothes basket that sits in the lounge room, given there is no room in the bedroom for it. so cleaning, though is shit for everyone, is also usually traumatic as well as boring. BUT. as of right now, i’ve cleared one of the two tables i want to get rid of (i hoard furniture and whitegoods too – at one stage i had two not working tv sets, a bar heater that started a fire in the spare room, and three printers just sitting in the lounge), have enough space to put in a new bookshelf (which is complex in and of itself – i need to move one of the smaller ones out of the bedroom and into the lounge, to make space for the new bookshelf in the bedroom. so, all the books off, etc). we aren’t there yet – the bedroom still needs tidying, everything which now has a visible surface also needs cleaning, and i have do Something about the Clothes problem. almost there though. i get to start looking for 1. a floor lamp, and 2. a second terrarium when this is done. (second terrarium is entirely contingent on me not killing the existing one – which was looking really dead, bust has since been resurrected with daily watering).

i finished reading The Tree of Man this morning – it was as wonderful as i thought it would be from as soon as i started reading, and so much better than almost everyone suggested it would be. i have no idea why everyone hates Patrick White. it was readable. the characters were rich, complex, and you love them for all their faults and their virtues. the story was long, yeah, but hardly uninteresting – it was slow, but that’s.. the POINT of that kind of long, heavy, slow novel. eh, who knows.


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