It’s raining today – i’ve just moved my languishing rosemary bush from the Dark Balcony to the bright one – it was just not being watered that much, being away from the other plants. it’s surviving, just. rosemary is kind of amazing like that.   so the rain will do it well!  as well, i’m trying to sprout some beetroot seeds – i tried earlier in the month, and, being a novice, the little guys failed – they were in full sun, which i’ve since realised is too much for baby plants! so, let’s hope they grow up big enough for eating before it gets too cold.  it’s almost the end of summer – and almost the end of summer plants, so it’s time for me to really seriously start thinking about Autumn Planting – which i’m really not sure of yet, because, well, pots are not the best for a lot of root vegetables. there’s going to be a lot of beans in the tomato pots though for revitalising the soil!

speaking of revitalising, i’ve started yoga again – every time i re-start, i tend to wonder what ever caused me to stop.  it is one of the few types of exercise that don’t make me a bit … funny.. afterwards – anything that’s too aerobic tends to make me hyper alert.  i’m unfit enough to be hurting a lot.

i saw this when i left the apartment this morning.  it was a good start to the day. it flew away after i took the photo.



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