yet another blog.

I’ve had many blogs.

my first one was an ‘online diary’ when i was sixteen. it had a terrible goth name (velvet? shrine? midnight? storm? i can’t really remember) and mostly focussed on bad poetry, and the endless alienation of suburban adolescence.  it was on Open Diary.  i’ve used LiveJournal, and Blogger, but this is my first WordPress blog.  i’m finding the format a bit strange, but new things always are.

i’m well out of the habit of blogging, so i’ll stumble back in with a terrible introduction of what the blog is: it’s my attempt to keep notes on my craft projects, my garden, books, and my sanity.  and probably, images of pets.

so: here’s a kitten. his name is Sir Pounce. he’s naughty, but awesome.



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One Response to yet another blog.

  1. lin says:

    God bless you ,as tears roll down my face I can only think of the fear I know I have at some point felt . being a survivor of this dreadful disease CA . it is a long hard road . and at times feeling so very alone. you have been and will continue to be an inspiration to many people that will continue to fight . what an amazing young lady . RIB.

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